About Us

Established in 2004, JJ Plus is a designer and manufacturer of industrial grade and high power WIFI solutions. It is a 250+ employee company supported by two well-run veteran enterprise groups with focused areas in development, manufacturing, and service of products for RF/Microwave embedded customers. Our customers are worldwide (U.S., Europe, Asia, Middle East) wireless and network system integrators.


  • The Sales and Technology Office in the US offers application, marketing, and customer services
  • The Design Center in Taiwan offers design, documentation, and low volume production
  • The Manufacturing Base in Taiwan offers high quality volume production
  • 20+ Years history in SMT and contract manufacturing of RF/Microwave sub-systems.

Business Specialties

  • Innovation in Cost Down Manufacturing
  • Flexibility in Custom Specification Design
  • Organization in Volume Module Production
  • Internal Supplies for Material Cost Control
  • Comprehensive Product Knowledge Base
  • Commitment to Total Quality Management
  • Responsiveness in Customer Service

Technology and Capability

  • Contract Manufacturing (CM) Services
  • SMT and DIP Electronic Contract Manufacturing
  • High Precision Machine Shop Service
  • Thin Film and Hybrid Assemblies
  • In-House Semiconductor Component Design
  • Product Integration Manufacturing
  • Integration Design Solutions
  • Amplifiers, including MMICs
  • Filter, Diplexer, and Peripheral Components
  • Frequency Up/Down Converters and Selectors
  • Phase Locked Oscillators and Synthesizers
  • Embedded Digital Circuit Boards
  • Core Competency in CM
  • Cost Down Solutions
  • Reliability Performance
  • Excellent Quality Control
  • Solution Examples
  • Repeater Modules
  • Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA)
  • Transceiver and Outdoor Units (ODU)

Engineering Expertise

  • Veterans of Silicon Valley specialized in RFIC, RF hybrid module, and embedded systems
  • Talent from Taiwan experienced in cost design and manufacturing methodologies
  • Comprehensive material utilization adopts best tradeoff between cost and performance
  • Semi-standard module library established for fast prototyping and low cost manufacturing

Comprehensive RF OEM Operation

JJPlus owns and operates world-class manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Based on lean manufacturing techniques modeled after the consumer electronics industry, our ISO9001 certified manufacturing operation utilizes sophisticated, high-speed, and automated assembly equipment to support mid- to high-volume production requirements for complex microwave and millimeter assembly. This is one of the key differentiators.