A Wireless Power Receiver Bridge working as a 7.5W Qi Charging Stand or as an USB Type-A Power Port

This AirFuel Resonant Power Receiver Bridge receives resonant power from any jjPlus 10W or above power transmitters to provide power to the Qi transmitter and USB type-A connector on the charging stand.  When a Qi compatible phone is charged on the stand, 1. spatial freedom is enabled and 2. user can still operate the phone while charging.  The USB-Type A connector at the back provide support to wired-charging of legacy phones and devices.

• Output Power:
   –  Qi transmitter mode: 7.5W Max delivery to Qi receiver
   –  USB Type-A mode: 10W at 5V/2.0A to load

• Output Connector Type:
   –  Qi transmitter mode: wireless
   –  USB Type-A mode: USB Type-A
• Required Input Power: jjPlus 10W or above power transmitters
• Dimension: 136 x 72 x 12mm (upper); 123 x 72 x 13mm (base)