Qi Charging Stand with Wired Devices Charging Support

This AirFuel Resonant Power Receiver Bridge receives resonant power from any jjPlus 10W or above power transmitters to provide power to the Qi transmitter and USB type-A connector on the charging stand.  When a Qi compatible phone is charged on the stand, 1. spatial freedom is enabled and 2. user can still operate the phone while charging.  The USB-Type A connector at the back provide support to wired-charging of legacy phones and devices.

Typical application: https://www.jjplus.com/infrastructure/

• Output Power:
   –  Qi transmitter mode: 7.5W Max delivery to Qi receiver
   –  USB Type-A mode: 10W at 5V/2.0A to load

• Output Connector Type:
   –  Qi transmitter mode: wireless
   –  USB Type-A mode: USB Type-A
• Required Input Power: jjPlus 10W or above power transmitters
• LED Status Indicators 


Electrical specifications     
Output voltage  5 Voltage
Rated output current  2.00  Amp
Maximum Resonator Output   10Watt
Switching Frequency  6.78 Mhz
(Centered)System DC-DC efficiency (PTU & PRU) 50 %
PRU efficiency 85 %
Over-current Protection   2A
Over Temperature protection   70°C
Mechanical Specifications 
Dimension mm (l) x mm (w) x mm (h)
Coil type PCB Balanced Spiral with ferrite
Coil dimension70 mm (l) x 51 mm (w)
Environmental specification     
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 35°C
Storage Temperature -40 70°C
Relative Humidity Non-condensing10 90%